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You can use gtapecalc just like you would most other calculators. The main difference is the output window that will record any calculations that you enter.

3.1 Adding Notes

On each line in the output window you can add notes by selecting the row with the mouse or the arrow keys and clicking in the 'Notes' column of the selected row or by right clicking on the line that you want to add a note to and select 'Add Note' from the menu. A dialog will pop up where you can enter the note you want to add and click 'Insert' to add it to the line. You can also add notes by double-clicking on the line, selecting the line you want with the mouse and using the 'Edit-Add Note' menu entry or by using the arrow keys to highlight the row you want and the spacebar to select it.

3.2 User Preferences

All user preferences can be set using the preferences dialog which is accessed from the 'Edit' menu. They are saved in two files, .gtapecalcrc and .gtapecalcgtkrc which are located in the users home directory. The .gtapecalcrc file is for program specific configuration options, while .gtapecalcgtkrc is for options that can be affected by different gtk themes such as fonts for the buttons and output window. These files are only generated when you click OK in the preferences dialog and are not needed by gtapecalc to operate. They are overwritten every time you save a preference so editing them manually is not recommended. If they don't exist, then the program will start with a default set of preferences which should be adequate for most situations




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